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Delivering fresh produce to your commercial kitchen, 6 days a week.

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Our produce help a range of local hospitality kitchens including...





Fish & Chip Shops

Public Sector Kitchens





Over 40 years of experience and refining has allowed W&W Fresh Produce to streamline our process so your produce comes from the field and into your kitchen in remarkable time. 

Included in our prepped vegetables are various varieties of peeled potatoes, chips, carrots, swede, cabbage and much more. We also supply salads, fruits and an extended dry goods range to commercial kitchens across the North East and wider. 

Professional Chefs

We provide AM deliveries, we help you get started with your day.

However, our drivers can be flexible if circumstances allow.

We have the capacity to store a high quantity of produce at any one time, enabling us to take your order, no matter the size. All our produce is prepared in-house giving us full control of the quality and quantity. We have a trusted team who have a clear understanding of the product and the prepping and packaging process required to get your produce to you in the time required and to the very highest standard. Our team start the day early to ensure deliveries are out on time and in full. 


Our expertise ensures all our produce is in prime condition to keep your business running smoothly and to the very highest standard.   

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Become a Client

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W&W Fresh Produce

W&W has been a family run business since 1980, working hard to produce fresh and high-quality produce for commercial kitchens and home delivery. 

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Call: 01325 312175

Visit: W&W Peeled Potatoes, Carlbury Road, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6BH

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